What is Done is Done

Dream of What is Done is Done, What is Finished is Finished

      deathMyself and about 30 +/- children & helpers were outdoors down inside a dug out area that seemed to be where a house foundation would be eventually laid.  The children were all sitting on in this dried area (dirt) in everyday clothing. The lesson being taught was about how being square on God’s word is always the right thing and how being in the right leads to repentance and change.

     The lesson as I saw it was using a shape of a square and asking the kids what makes a square a square.  Some said four equal sides, while others said other things (could not understand).  I agreed with them that it is four equal sides and further wanted to show them something even more interesting.  The dream lead on to show that I had two carpenter angles.  Both had equal lengths from it’s right angle.  I showed the children that a perfect square can be created from 2 right (90 degrees) angles.  When you bring the two 90’s together it creates a square.  I also said that when you add 90+90 it equals 180, in which 180 degrees means to turn away from or face the other direction.  The whole lesson was based on turning away from sin by allowing his word to shape you into a perfect new creation (square).  So, I said every time you see a square think of God’s forgiveness and how he has helped you turn from your sins.

     For some reason (that which is unknown to me) I needed to leave this area (hole in the ground) to go somewhere for a short time.  There were helpers there, so I exited up the ramp thinking that the children would be just fine with the helpers.  The dream cut-scene (went to a blank for a moment).  I found myself returning back to the area where the children and helpers were only to find horror to fill my eyes.  The ground (above the hole) looked as though it rained terribly hard and fast.  However the sky was still clear.  Down in the hole to my anguish was a raging  grey water.  This water was rolling like waves over itself.  I looked desperately to see if the children survived out of this.  There was nobody above ground which led me to look towards the water.  In this moment of horror, I began to see faces, dead faces come up and be taken back down.  This water almost seemed to be alive.  It had no known force to keep it moving like it was.  I wanted to reach down, even jump in to attempt to save even one child.  I only realized that I could not for the sake it was too late and I myself would drown.  I was left with despair, hurt, and no understanding of how this all could be happening.  Then I saw the cloak that one of the girls was wearing come up for a brief moment and then it went under again.  The dream ended.

About Ryan Hutzel

Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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