Throne of Heaven

rainbowWhen I was a teenager in the summer of 1997, I did some work outdoors pulling weeds in a community to earn some spending cash as part of a lawn mowing company I was working for.  At this time in my walk with Jesus I was nearing two years since I became a Christian in 1995, so as this vision unfolds, I think it is important that I say upfront that at this point I had never read the book of Revelation yet.  On that hot summer day, I remember being in a development, listening to a Christian radio station on an a now laughable “portable” radio headset.  I went to squat down to pull what was seemingly another area of monotonous weeds (never ending,) suddenly my understanding of where I was and what I saw changed.

Suddenly, my understanding of reality was altered with standing about hundred feet away (guessing) from an apparent outdoors chair for a king (throne.)  I was a little scared because, I really thought I was there, not where I was was pulling weeds.   Besides the great radiance of light everywhere, there was a full circle solid filled rainbow behind the throne chair.   Since there was nobody around, my curiosity got the better of me to begin to notice other details such as the two rows of smaller throne chairs coming away from the main throne chair.  There were twelve chairs on each side, of which all the chairs seemed to be placed on a very sparkly (crystal) glass floor proceeded from the main thrown to beyond where I was standing.

This vision, only lasted for what seemed a minute or two, and returning to my reality was strange, as I became self aware squatted down to the ground with weeds in my hands as though I was frozen in time for a moment.  I stood up, questioning what I saw.  It wasn’t until that Sunday, when I spoke with a youth leader at my church at the time.  I shared the vision I had, the response was, “have you ever read Revelation and seen the description talking about the throne of Heaven?”  As described earlier, the answer is not yet, however after this vision, I know that summer I had to of read that book at least 4 times over, asking many questions along the way. 4&version=NKJV

About Ryan Hutzel

Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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