Three, And Three, Three on Top of Three

threeDream Three, And Three, Three on Top of Three

Author:  Frances Rose 1957

     It was the year of 1957.  A few months after I had received the Holy Spirit, when the Lord spoke these  words to me.  We had gone to bed around ten or eleven o’clock.  At exactly twelve o’clock  I was awaken. I knew this was the time because I was facing the clock that was over my kitchen stove.  The stove night light was on, and I could see the clock clearly.  God began to speak to me in an audible voice.  The little sleep I had gotten had cleared my mind of all the nature things of the day and I was in the presence of God.  He began to speak to me in an audible voice.  His Words were so fast that they were like the speed of lightening. The words were connected together.  They were like ripping water. God began to tell me something terrible that was going to happen to our world.  I seemed to be above, and looking down upon what God was telling me.  I understood every word He spoke.   I can still remember the anguish and woe that I felt as He spoke.  Then  God spoke again by letting me know in my mind that my sleeping husband would repeat the same message that He had just spoken. 

    I was completely under the power of God.   I turned toward my husband.  as my  eyes fell upon the back of his head, he began to speak the same words that God had just spoken.  Jay was still speaking as he was turning onto his back. Suddenly I was pulled back from the present of God, and I was hearing my husband say,  “What’s going on? He knew that he had been speaking something supper natural as he was waking up.  I said,  “Oh Jay!   I knew that God was real, but I didn’t know that he could speak to someone like this! “ You just repeated the same words that God had just spoke to me, just a moment ago.  This encounter with this Mighty Power of God shocked me so bad; that the only thing I was able to remember was the words Three, And Three, And Three On Top Of Three.  Why I could only remember these words is still a mystery to me. 

    I still remember the feeling of anguish and grief, the sadness,  and the woe that I felt as He spoke to me. I got out of bed and sat down in a chair and began to try to reason this out.  A great fear came upon me and I could feel the awful presence of Satan.  He was as real as God had been.  He made me believe just for a moment that this was impossible, so I must be loosing my mind.  I became so frighten because  I knew it did happen; Yet! it seamed impossible.  I thank God that I knew enough about my Lord to rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus, when I did,  Satan left the room.  I haven’t been tempted by Satan  about losing  my mind since then,  neither  have I ever doubted this visit from Gods, His audible voice, and His voice in my mind, and  I heard Him speak through my husband.  Today I am eighty-four years old and I know for sure,  that  God spoke to me  that night. I will never forget it.  I feel that something bad is about to happen to our world very soon. 

Author Notes:  2/ 27/2009 (84 Years Old at submission of dream.)

I believe that the first part of this message was fulfilled on 9/11.  I believe the next part will be an act from terrorists  with some  kind of  nuclear or mass destruction weapons. I don’t know if I will still be here when this last part comes to pass, but I know that it will happen soon. I am now eighty four years old. 

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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