Spirit Realm Part 2: Armies of Darkness

Dream of Spirit Realm, Spiritual Warfare – Part II

     ArmyThis is a dream from another dream prior to it.  You can read it here.  I found myself inside of the sanctuary of my local church near the stage/alter area, facing my pastor.  Now, the sanctuary wasn’t carpeted, or as beautiful in the modern sense, but more like the insides of a great castle, or mid-evil fortress. The pews were wooden, walls and floor were solid stone.  Even with the appearance being different, everything looked nice.  As I look at the pastor, I noticed that there were a handful of people around him, faces unfortunately were kept from me.  He and these people appeared to be battle tired, and weak, but seemingly frustrated and angered, along with a small amount of fear coming from them.

    Then the pastor began to speak, “There is an army approaching the front, I need you to negotiate terms with them.”  I responded with a simple “okay,” as though I already understood the terms the was speaking of.  I did not at this point seem to be afraid, nervous, nor tired.  In that moment, I about faced and began to walk from the front of the sanctuary to the foyer (front of church) doors.  The doors were old solid (very large) doors with iron cladding that held them firmly together.  They opened on their own as I approached them, I did notice that to be strange.

    Not hesitating, I began the long walk to what was in the distance a water moat with a single drawbridge that was currently up in the air.  In the distance I saw a multitude of soldiers with many types of weaponry that of mid-evil times, swords, spears, and then some that I just couldn’t understand what I was looking at.  As I drew closer to the drawbridge, it began to lower on it’s own.  The army wouldn’t cross the bridge, but did tightly gather close to it and at the edge of the water moat.

    After crossing the bridge, I realized that not all of these soldiers were human, some where demons.  The two 8 ft. or taller demons that met me at the drawbridge stopped me by crossing their spears in an X pattern.  Then in their raspy voices asked, “What do you want?”  At first their overall size, armor, weapons, and statute made me feel a bit small, especially, since I was unarmed and a little nervous now.  However, suddenly, inside of me, a boldness arose from my belly it seemed, the nervousness went away.  I look into the blackened dark eyes of these creatures and said, “I have come to talk to your leader, take me to him!”      

    Well, now I am feeling a little angry at these demons, of coarse I also didn’t realize that the multitude behind them were anxiously watching to see what was happening.  I realized at this time, they likely wanted to rip me into pieces. The two guards, laughed scornfully at me and said, “You can speak to us, we will deliver the message.”  This ignited a fire inside of me.  I looked at them and said, “I have come under the power of Jesus Christ, you will take me to your leader, else I will go there myself!”  They trembled, at those words, but would not move away.  So, I began to walk towards them, as I did, they were forced in two directions out of my way without myself or any apparent hands being laid on them.  It was as though there was a force in front and behind me that they could not come close or reckon with.

    I began to walk through the snarling mix of human and demon soldiers, as I walked, these creatures and humans were forced to make a path that lead directly to their king.  This king was siting about 5 feet off the ground in a portable (hand carried) throne.  His immediate appearance was arrogant, prideful, and seemingly untouchable.  I walked up to him, he came forward enough so that I could see his face.  I was astonished, it appeared to be a person I knew from a time ago, however the pride, arrogance, and kingliness distorted his face quite a bit to a more evil, sinister look.  He had a staff in his right hand, wore dark clothing and dark robe, and no crown.

    At this point, I proceeded to ask him that which I was sent to do.  “Why are you here, instigating war?” I requested in a firm voice.  He laughed with such an arrogant laugh, and jumped down from his throne and came face to face with me to tell me “I have come to take that which is mine!”  This infuriated me and even more so as the multitude of soldiers jeered.  As I looked him in his eyes, again that same boldness that arose at the bridge, arose again, except even stronger.  I replied, “Why would you even think you are deserving of this?”  He climbed back up onto his throne, and said:  “Ryan,  Look around you, look at all that I have, the armies, the royalty.  With this, I can have whatever I want, I have the power to do so.”

    A raging emotion of fire burned within me at this point, because I knew what he said was only true to an extent, and in that thought, words literally filled my mouth “This day, your life will be required of thee, and all that you have will be no more!”  He began to say wording that I could not understand, and really didn’t seem care or have much of effect on me.  As I turned from his angry ranting face, and walked back through the crowds of hating soldiers.  They attempted to take hold of me, but couldn’t touch me somehow.  I walked back across the drawbridge, it began to raise up on its own.  I look onward to the church, with a thought in mind of how the warriors are so few, but the Lord is with us.

Dream ends.

Part 1 can be read here.

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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