Spirit Realm Part 1: The Fallen

Dream of Spirit Realm, Spiritual Warfare – Part I

   armor In this dream God showed me the head spirits of the devil that was assigned to the church I was attending in this order:  Pride, Gossip, & Criticism were their names.

    I found myself standing in the middle of the parking lot on the hill side of the church were the air conditioning units would be.  However, they were not there, I felt like I was a little confused at first trying to figure out where I was and why I was there.  I noticed in the distance I could hear swords (or metal) clashing.  The day was with gray skies and no sun.  The light there was seemed odd and surreal.  Once I realized I was really there and in the location of the my church as the time, only it was not the physical realm of the church it was the super natural realm.  This alarmed me a little.  I knew that I was alone and there was nobody there to help me.  I had a deep feeling of desolation and despair.  

    As I looked around after coming to my senses, I noticed around the church (near the building) there were heaps and piles of what appeared from a distance to be junk metal and other oddities.  I felt as though I was to take a closer look at these items, so I began to walk towards the area that we know as the side exit of the sanctuary that has stairs that go up a story to the sanctuary.  The blacktop that I was walking on was old and broken up with cracks and pieces.  I finally came to the junk pile (one of them) and noticed that it was old armor, swords, and other battle gear.  They were rusted and aged.  Up from this pile where the drive thru is was a building made of brick about 20 feet by 15 feet in size. The roof of this small building peaked to the eave of the main church’s roof.   I noticed no doors to this odd building and no windows.

After observing all this I turned toward the direction of which I came and to my shock there stood a creature no more than 5 feet away from me.  This thing was horrifying in character.  It had the skin of a cockroach, except you could tell it was very strong and not weak.  It stood about 8 feet tall with long legs and arms, it’s body did not seem proportional to it’s extremities.  His legs were sort of skinny, but looked very strong at the same time.  His head was large.  I did not quite understand what I was looking at, but the eyes were as large as golf balls and pure black.  They drew you inward with fear.

    It had a weapon of a sort in his hand.  I am unable to describe this weapon other than some sort of staff.  It confused me to look on it.  In the moment this all took place, the creature (demon) took this weapon and plunged it deep and through my belly.  It hurt, but not like a wound here on earth with blood and flesh, it was a different kind pain. This pain seemed deeper and without any cease.

    It was though I died.  I remember falling into a hole that opened behind me.  The speed at which I fell was very fast.  All I could see was bright blue streaks going by me.  The opening from where I fell was getting further away from me fast and seemed as though I was falling towards the underside of the church.  This tunnel only seemed to be about 4 feet wide.  The further I fell, the more I wanted out, and the more hopeless it felt to do so.  Suddenly, I still soft voice whispered in my ears, “Sing praises to the Lord.”  I don’t know what I was singing; it was in a language I could not understand (Spirit Songs).  As quickly as I fell, so was the reverse of me exiting the tunnel.  I began to soar back towards the opening, faster than that I was falling.  

    Soon enough, I exited back out of the tunnel and walked back to the parking lot.  This time, my confusion was gone.  I look to the side of me and there stood another demon.  This one looked similar to the last, but somehow I knew he was different, and even stronger than the last.  At my feet was a staff (a rod about 6 feet long and 2” round). I quickly picked it up and began to attempt to attack the demon.  There was no way I wanted to return to that place I just came from.  Every time I swung, I missed.  He then pulled out his weapon, likened unto a sword, but again, I could not understand what I was seeing.  With precision he drove his weapon into my belly like the previous demon did.  I felt the same as before, and began fall down another tunnel.  This time however, I did not need to know how to get out.  I just did the same thing I did before and sung.  However, it was not as easy to get out, I had to praise harder, sing harder, and love God with all of my strength to get out of this tunnel.

    After getting out of this tunnel, I learned my lesson.  I went directly to the pile of old weaponry and found an old rusted double sided sword about 4 feet in length.  I did not want to be unarmed at all and needed something I somehow knew how to use.  Cautiously, I began to walk along side of the church.  I walked up between the church and the building I described earlier.  There was a passage way about 4 feet wide.  I kept my sword at the ready for anymore surprises.  Going between the two buildings there was small incline upward, I would say less than that is physically there now.  As I approached the end of the two buildings, another demon likened to the last two was walking by and stopped to stare at me.  He looked very arrogant in statue and pride was somehow announced from him.  The way it moved and walked was odd.  It was ghostly, it seemed like its own existence followed him.  Kind of like taking your hand and waving it front of television screen while it is on.  As it stared at me, it gave me a sinister smile and moved on.

    At this point I was ready to go after it and smite it; however I was confronted by another person.  This girl was at the time one of the persons that caused a lot discord and strife within the youth group of my time.  She did not look the same in this dream, instead she look way more hateful and full of vengeance.  She seemed to be following this demon; however I was a mission to her.  She was wearing a breast plate that was old and tattered with corrosion and smudges.  This armor fitted to her body perfectly.  She was very muscular in size from head to toe.  Her face was different in the way of being square in shape instead of round.  Her dirty blond hair had the appearance of wire.  Here eyes were glossy white and glass like.  She had the appearance that even to touch her, would kill you.

    She stared deeply into me with hate and evil.  She drew her weapon which was a dagger.  This dagger had a wavy, snake like blade.  Silver and well kept.  It was obvious it was very sharp.  She attempted to stab me.  By now I know where they like to strike, so I dodged this on.  She attempted three times to stab me, but on the third time, I offended and took the sword I had and struck her arm that the dagger was in.  This did not hurt the armor that covered her arm; however it did knock the dagger right out of her hand to the ground.  She then stood there defenseless and stared at me with the coldest look a person can imagine.  I stared back with caution awaiting her move and the dream ended.

Part II can be read here.

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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