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classroomDream of Remembering Who You Are

I find myself on a school bus as it is pulling up to a school, what seems to be in appearance of a high school.  The time of day felt as though it was morning.  On the bus isn’t just children, but all ages of people from young to old.  As the bus comes to a stop, we begin to get off as anyone would on a school bus.  As I take a step down onto the concrete pavement about fifty feet in front of the school’s glass storefront doors.  I can hear over a loud speaker, a voice saying to be sure to get a schedule to determine what classes you as the student would like to attend.  I internalized that being odd, as all my life, school’s typically lay the schedule out per the student’s academics, not to be chosen randomly on the first day.  In the crowd of people exiting other buses, there was people handing out the paper schedules.  Of course I was given one, like everyone else.  As I looked down this long list of classes, it was difficult to understand because the class names where unlike any words I have ever known.  Sadly, even after this dream, I still cannot remember the wording.  While I don’t recall really picking a class per say, I followed the crowd of people and was guided in the flow of hall traffic eventually to a classroom.

As strange as this dream goes, I entered this classroom, typical square room with desks in rows, windows on the far side, but then the birds.  As you enter this room, to the left of the doorway, there was an open recessed area with open cages, no cage doors, with birds of all kinds.  There was plain birds and very colorful birds, parakeets, bluejays, humming, and likely more than i can remember.  They were chirping as any birds would do, except they where in unison.  Other students that seemed like they have been there before, walked into this area of the classroom and began greeting the birds.  One little bird, vibrant blue in color, flew up to a girl that was only feet away from me and hovered in front of her face.  The girl said something to the bird, then the bird seemingly smiled in its own little way, then flew over to the side of her cheek and gently pecked it as though it was a kiss of friendship.  The bird flew away, the girl smiled and walked away to her seat in the room.  The bell rang, and the teacher asked everyone to find a seat.  I walked to the far side of the room on the outer wall, second row back.  As I sat down, I remember looking outside and seeing nothing but fields and mountains in the the distance.  The surroundings seemed familiar, but not sure where from.

I sat down, as so did everyone else.  So many ages of people were in the room.  It was so different being in a classroom where age didn’t matter, child or adult, you were just there.  The female teacher began to talk, welcoming us to the first day of (cannot remember the name of the class for the name was nothing I know,) with a very contagious smile on her face.  I remember the teacher being medium-dark tone in skin complexion with short charcoal hair and a little short, seemed to be maybe around 5′-6″ +/-.  She was so kind in her approach, she began to describe that this class was to help one understand who they are, maybe a sort of psychology?   I felt the urge to let the teacher know that I may have picked the wrong class.  Raising my hand, she answered “Yes, Ryan.”  I in my mind I wondered immediately how could she know my name, there has been no introductions and these classes are random.  I proceeded to tell her that I feel that I may not be in the right place for my area of studies.  She smiled and said, “Ryan, you are always right were you belong, just remember who you are.”  As cryptic as that was, it seemed to have a strange connection to it.  I pondered a little, thinking about what she said.  I remember thinking, I know who I am, but how am always where I belong, that never happens.  At that moment, the bell rings, the teacher dismisses us with a farewell and with her smile.  Again finding myself leaving and following the masses of hall traffic that lead me to the next room.

This next room, was a square, maybe about 30 seats +/-.  The teacher, or a professor was male, light toned with dark brown hair, medium cut.  He was taller than I, so likely around 6′ +/-.  He carried himself (personality) a little more seriously, but the mystery of his character seemed very familiar to me, like I met him once before (Wasn’t until after the dream, I remembered who he was in another dream.)  He opened his class with the idea of “nothing is as it appears.”  He showed for example, he held up a dress tie, untied, he attached it to the lower part of his abdomen on his shirt.  He removed his hands, the tie by itself moved up the shirt, tied itself, and then disappeared.  It seemed strange.  He proceeded to ask a question to the class.  It was along the line of “how does one learn what is not known?”  He called on a student a few seats in front of me.  This time, I choose to sit about 3 seats back from the front, closes to the entrance of the room, along the opposite wall.  The student he called on didn’t know seem to know an answer as he stood there in front of the professor, in the front of the room.  I felt I knew the answer, so I raised my hand.  This class seemed to peek my interest more than the last, so attempting to answer questions wasn’t out of my self being.  The professor, said “Ryan, come here if you feel you know the answer.”  Here we go again, how do they know who I am?  The logic was bothering me, for in this dream, it was not like a dream, but living out the experience.  I stepped out of my seat and made my way to the front of the class.  He asked, “What is the answer?”  I replied, “To know something we do not know would require one to seek out a higher wisdom source, such as God.”  He smiled, and answered, “You answered correctly.”  At this point, it seemed like I blinked and was instantly in another room.

This room, was small compared to the others, not much more than twenty feet square.  I was placed in the center of the room facing a wall.  I began to looking around counter clockwise, I noticed in the first corner as with the other three corners where large red chairs that one may find in a living room decor.  The first wall to my left had a single window, there were no doors to this room.  In the chairs, were individual adults sitting as though in a trance or semi-conscience state.  When I about did a full circle to the forth corner, the professors voice spoke gently but firmly, “remember those that you lead.” In the forth chair was a man I recognized from my conscience life, unlike anyone in this dream where nobody was recognizable, this man was.  Beside him on his left, was a very large parakeet, maybe 18″ tall, very colorful with red, yellow, and orange.  This bird, simply stared at me, no emotion, and it did not interfere in the following events either.  I began to call out his name, he began to look around as though he faintly heard something, but didn’t seem real to him.  I walked over and touched his arm, spoke his name, and said, “It’s me, Ryan, its going to be ok!”  He snapped out of the trance and stood up, began to cry and just hug me.  This person is so much taller and bigger than me, it was like getting a bear hug, but welcomed.  The dream ends here.

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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