Rapture from Another Point of View

Rapture from Another Point of View

     In this dream I was at my aunt’s house in her kitchen that had direct access to the backdoor of her house.  This was a first person dream and all five senses in full element.  I was talking to my aunt,

my wife, and few friends that happened to be there.  Being that the earth started to shake violently (earthquake) I really don’t know what the conversation was about other than right before the earth shook, I told my one friend he just needed to quit complaining.  Anyway, back to the earth violently shaking, the house after what seemed to be about 20 seconds give or take a little, the house along with the land was turned upward.  The house was more so on its side, my left in the dream oriented to the back door.  Everybody fell to the wall during the quake, after it was over I asked if everyone was okay, they said yes.

Being curious as I am, I crawled out the back door to something of a ground to walk on, nothing like it once was.  When I got outside, I stood up and looked to the sky because I saw what looked like the clouds barrel rolling towards me high up in the air.  The clouds where dark gray, but the rolling seemed to be slowing down and then suddenly out of the clouds appeared a ship or vessel of some sort.  It had the appearance that of a spoon has when you look at the tip underbelly.  The vessel was golden in appearance and extremely smooth looking from my view.  It had to be miles in the air and miles wide in dimension.  At the starboard underside of the ship it had a large emblem or possibly some sort of device that took up most of the tip of the ships front underside.  It appeared to be three circles.  Circles encompassing two other circles  with a large gem looking object in the center.  The color of the circles were light blue with a gem of some sort in the center, the gems color I could not comprehend.

After observing the ship and the object or emblem underneath it, a large what sounded like a trumpet or horn sounded off.  No doubt you could likely hear it for a great distance.  This horn rattled my body, it was loud, but didn’t hurt my ears.  I looked to my left, and saw people being lifted or carried by human like beings that were at least 10-12 feet tall.  People were being taken up towards the ship, as they were lifted, these peoples flesh changed near instantly, it turned to what appeared to be energy like, semi-transparent.  Nobody seemed to be scared or struggling in the hands of these beings.  The beings seemed to be gentle and caring in the way they escorted the humans.  These beings didn’t have wings, just seemed to be much larger than humans.  As the people went up, they disappeared into the sky.  I too began to be lifted off the ground, it didn’t hurt, it did feel strange though in a way of no pull of gravity, weightless.  As with everyone else, my flesh transformed to a energy semi-transparent look.  My human existence such as veins, or bones were not there to be seen.  As I approached the vessel, maybe about half way to it, there were two of these beings, that came out of the vessel from what seemed like nowhere.  They were coming straight towards me at a moderate speed.  When they approached me they escorted me gently back to the ground.

As we approached the ground, my flesh returned to my known human body.  The other two tall beings seemed to transform to human flesh too as the three of us stood there.  They both stood side by side in front of me.  I looked into their eyes, they seemed caring and loving in appearance.  They appeared to be 50-60 years old in human years, but in extremely good health with grey/black hair.  After I stared at them for a few seconds, I came to my senses and asked them , who are you?  They first replied with it isn’t your time yet, then said we have been sent of the divine trinity.  This is where the dream ended.

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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