Pastor Young Again

Young Again

    young I found myself surround by a  familiar darkness likened unto that of the two doves, except this time the light didn’t shine down on me.  It shined directly on the pastor at my church of the time. He was there crouched down to the ground like he was carrying something very heavy and could no longer stand. He looked very uncomfortable and unstable in the crouch position that he was in.  He attempted multiple times to stand up, but it was as though he was not allowed to or the weight was too great. In a moments notice, he sprung up to his feet and the things that were on him just flew in every direction. I could not see what these things were that flew off of him, but I did feel the wind of them flying by me. My eyes then closed. When they reopened I found myself standing in the sanctuary and this same pastor was preaching. Accept he was much younger. He was not wearing his glasses. His hair was a shiny brown color, a little on the dark side. He looked about 40-45 years old, compared to his 65-70 year old current age. He also had no wrinkles. His style of preaching changed as well to a live fire, unlike his prior style being laid back and moderate excitement. The dream ended here.

About Ryan Hutzel

Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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