Ocean’s Floor & Empty Mansion

Dream: Ocean’s Floor & Empty Mansion

workshop     There was a group of us (unknown group of people) moving a lady into her house away from her previous home that is now condemned (Lady is unknown).  In among this group was a man with grey/black hair, about 5’-10”, and a little on the heavy side but more built than chubby.  The Lady came out and showed all of us a broken chair.  The broken chair must of happened during the move.  The chair was broken on the right side facing in on the back leg.  It was common chair, wooden and would be used at a dining table.

     I suggested that we go to Bob’s house to see what he has.  Somehow I knew he had these kinds of things to fix stuff.  When I made notion of this, the Man quickly insisted that we check the Lady’s old house first for anything she may have left behind.  Maybe there will be a spare chair.  I thought that it was a bit strange that the Man would suggest us to go back to a condemned house, but I was okay with checking there first.

     We all arrived sometime latter to the Lady’s old house.  It was literally sinking into the ground.  (A small group of people follow the Man and I from this point until noted.)  I turned to look at the Man and said I am not going in there.  It is falling down and is not worth the risk.  We are going to go to Bob’s house.  The man seemed hesitant, but agreed.  So off we went.

     We soon arrived at Bob’s front door, but first let me explain that Bob’s house was a large mansion on a sea shore.  When we knocked on the door, nobody answered and the door was already partly open.  We decided to enter. I have been here before and knew where this room was in the house upstairs toward the middle.  The house was empty as if nobody has been there for a really long time.  Never the less, walking across the marble foyer floor I could not help but to notice how big things were, the foyer alone had to be twenty feet wide by twenty feet deep.  The Man at this point is somewhat fearful as we proceeded.  He insisted that we get what we came for and get out before Bob gets home.  I agreed, but with questions rolling in my mind as to why he was so nervous.

     We headed upstairs, and went into the room with old chairs and tables.  This room was dusty and unused.  It looked like a workshop that has been sitting for a hundred years.  The Man immediately saw a match to the chair part that we needed, picked it up and said we need to go, now!  I stopped him in the middle of the stairs and asked “what is the big deal?”  He looked at me with worry written all over his face.  He asked me to sit down on the stairwell, as did he. The Man explained to me that Bob is not who he appears to be.  He was a pirate/thief.  He told me some more detail that I cannot remember after that.

     As the Man finished he stood up and said we must go.  So we headed downstairs back to the foyer.  At this moment, Bob and his son Billy entered the foyer.  Bob came in eye contact with the Man and immediately he was violent in the face.  (Remember there are others in the room with us as well, they seem to be more like shadows) Bob asked, “Why are you here” in a very angry way to the Man.  Before the Man could respond, I stepped in between them and looked Bob in the eyes and said it is because of me that he is here and explained that we needed a chair part for the Lady.  Bob seemed fine with the part to a chair but yet still infuriated with the Man’s presence.

     Bob asked everyone to leave except myself.  The Man sheepishly left and the crowd followed him out the front door.  Bob asked Billy  to go to his room and play.  He needed to talk to me alone.  I was not afraid of Bob, nor intimidated by the information that I learned earlier.  On that note, Bob asked, “what all has the Man told you?”  I said “it was not much, but I am a bit taken back by the accusations that the Man had claimed against you.”  Bob hung his head for a moment and then looked back up with a more peaceful face and said:  “There is something I need to show you, follow me.”   I followed him through the house and out the back door to the back yard.

     Remember that we are on a sea shore, so as we walked out back the first thing I saw was the ocean and its waves.  Bob guided me down away from the house to the ocean’s beach.  I saw nothing but junk, metals, etc.  There was a single small flatbed barge floating in the water full of junk.  Bob pointed out that he had been trying to get rid of all this “hard” waste for years, and every time that the barge would take it out, it would seem like the junk would reappear right back in place where it had came from.  He further said, “There is yet another thing I need to show you.”  He described first that he really is not who he appears to be and that what I was about to see may scare me, but not to be frightened.  I agreed to see what it was he wanted to show me.  Bob was wearing a dark brown leather coat (thin).  He pulled back the left side and as he did his flesh changed from flesh to old bones.  His face was now a skull and his hands were bone.  At first I was a little scared, but I held to my promise.  He spoke to me in this form and said the only thing that really is alive in him, his heart.  He showed that to me as his jacket revealed it.  It was not gruesome or gory as one might imagine, but it was shining and beautiful looking.  It was beating; it seemed to put off a warm glow of a sort.  Bob closed his jacket and his “flesh” reappeared.  He told me how he has carried this curse for a long time.  I remember the last thing that I saw on him was his face was full of sorrowfulness.

The dream ended.

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Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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