Domino Effect

Dream of Holy Spirit Domino Effect

    holy spirit fall overThis dream is a continuation of the man I saw previously preaching and healing a woman of a jaw issue.  This is the final time I have seen this person, the description of him remains the same as before.  This is another first person observed dream.

    I found myself standing in the middle of the far right section of the church (closest to the side upstairs entrance.)  The preacher was fired up in the middle of saying something.  The church was full, shoulder to shoulder.  I have never seen my church this full before.  Everyone seemed to be listening intensely and watching his every move.  Somehow I was given the ability to see who was born again, who was not baptized in the Holy Ghost, who was struggling with sin and so on.  It was almost as though when I looked on them, it was though I knew them internally.  I could even tell if they were lukewarm or cold in the Spirit.  Then all the sudden, the preacher turned to my section and stretched out his right hand with a bold shout and a voice of authority spoke while waving his hand, he said “in the name of Jesus!”  I was not allowed or given the content or the other words he said before or after shouting that, however at that very moment as he waved his hand and shouted what he said, everyone except me (assuming so I could observe) fell over from front to back like domino’s.  Some fell laughing, some crying, some scared out of there minds crawling towards the exit.  This was all there was to this dream.

About Ryan Hutzel

Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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