Demon Caught, Demon Flee

Dream of a Demon Caught, Demon Flee

     shadowBegan by becoming aware in a hallway that seemed to overlook a lower floor, this house, mansion, or maybe otherwise a hotel was difficult to comprehend because the stairs going up seemed to appear to go down at the same time.  I just could not comprehend this part of the dream.  What I did know is that it was okay being there, but the house wasn’t okay with me there, there was an overwhelming feeling of being watched.  Thus this made me feel a little out of place, but confident in myself that my person was safe somehow.  Then there appeared a figure to my rear right, female, but I was not allowed to comprehend her face, it was blurred.  This female seemed scared by the way she soon spoke to me.  She was about 5’-6” tall, medium body build and very human in appearance, she was Caucasian in skin tone.  That is about the extent of what I was able to see.  From this point forward she always stayed to my rear right, as if I was a lead, or protector of some sort.

     I asked this female that seemed frightened if she knew the way out.  Again, nothing seemed logical as to how or where to go with the stairs or hallways.  She said to go into the next room on the left.  So we did, we passed through a couple of what otherwise looked like hotel rooms, nothing really out of the ordinary until we came to the third room.  When we came into the third room, the female said, I am afraid of them, they’re here.  I responded, who are they?  She trembled, quivered her voice, and fearfully simply kept saying they are here.  I asked again, but at that point, the bed on my left seemingly picked itself up and threw itself across the room to hit a standup dresser to the right of the room.  I heard a single set of feet running away from the room, as I wondered if this was a demon or spirit of a sort.

     At this point, the female is afraid and cowering in the rear of the room corner, I quickly said, by the authority of Jesus Christ I command you to stop and present yourself visibly!  In front of me, about 3 feet away, materialized a figure.  This figure materialized from a black shadow to a female appearance.  She was taller than me, likely 6-7 feet tall give or take some. She was very thin, but otherwise looked capable.  Her skin was more grey then any known skin tone.  Her hair seemed blondish grey and her eyes, well there was no eyes, just black voids, very evil looking.  She didn’t smile, snarl, or otherwise show any teeth, ears seemed like everything else human.  I asked for her name, she stated Cathy (last name I still cannot comprehend, but I know it started with something to Huninglyton or Hunglyton.)  I, in turn, stated to her this, Cathy, by the authority of Jesus Christ you will leave this child behind me alone forever, and the other that ran away must do the same.  You no longer have authority over her, and cannot taunt her no more.  She looked angry at this point, but quickly vanished like a vapor of black steam, and the dream ended.  I woke up at my alarm around 7:40am.

About Ryan Hutzel

Growing up, I have always found dreams to be a gift, even if for fun with no real significant meaning. Now that I am older, I find that preserving these dreams can bring hope to another. After all what is reality, except what we know to be true around us?
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