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Rules and guidelines for submitting a dream/vision/experience:

  • Must be of the Christian Faith
  • Must be original content that you wrote, or if by a ghost writer you must have explicit permission to use this content.
  • No purchased articles, no exceptions.  We will not post duplicated material that is posted thousands of places elsewhere. We strive for quality, and if you do your part, we will do ours to hopefully drive traffic to your site.
  • English only, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  It is okay that you may not be able to write like a pro, however it looks like you spent five minutes writing it, then we will take two seconds to recycle it, please put your best effort forward when submitting content.
  • Absolutely no pornography, illegal content, drug related, hacking, violence, racial (hate), etc.  Computer related safe content only.
  • Your full name is expected with the article.  We will not post articles that have no name to the content.

How  To Submit:

In the end you will be emailing us a word or PDF document of how you desire you article to appear.  We do ask that you follow  these simple rules.

  • Include Your Name or Author Name.
  • Title of Article (Keep it relevant to the content.)
  • Sorry, no images (Copyright Issues, sorry.)
  • Article must be a minimum of 250 words.
  • Article must be a original, and unique, please no copying.
  • Include desired keywords for SEO purposes.
  • Articles can have (2) outbound links.
    1:  Links cannot violate any of the guidelines above.
    2:  Links cannot be affiliate links, must go to a landing page.
  • Ex: or
  • Tell us which category you would prefer to be under or if there isn’t a category, suggest one.

We ( holds the rights to format, reject, or remove any content at anytime for the any reason.  We would prefer not to do this, but sometimes links are no longer valid.  With this said, it will be your responsibility to be sure the content is timeless (preferred) and links stay current.  Since this is a human edited directory, please allow  us time to review/post your content.

To submit your article, you are agreeing to all the above.  You can submit your article in a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file.  All articles will be together with advertisements of our own.  This is only fair to the “free” side of posting your article.  Don’t worry, we don’t over advertises like other sites.  We want the users to be able to read the article not feel spammed.

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