Christian Dreams and Visions

Christian Dreams and Visions

vision of being healedBelow is a topical index of the dreams and visions listed on this site. If you have found this site and would like to have your dream posted, please visit our contact page for details on submitting your dream, vision, or experience.   With all the dreams and visions out there, I am sure we can encourage on another with sharing our experiences.

The hope is that as we are able to upload more dreams, we will soon enough be able to have a forum added where visitors can interact.  This will not happen for some time, until we have a sizable amount of dreams uploaded.  In the mean time you can contact us with questions, and we will try to answer them based on our knowledge of the Bible. Soon enough these questions will form a FAQ section, hence this will help the entire Christian community.  Thank for your contributions.

Keep in mind that there is no way we can verify if the submitted dreams are authentic, and nor can we substantiate there origin/truth.

Topical Dreams and Visions:
If you have a dream/vision that can create a new topic, please let us know.

Any dream/vision that is about Heaven or afterlife related to Heaven.

Any dream/vision that is about Hell or afterlife related to Hell.

Dreams a little off the beaten path (On the edge of reality, but have meaning)

Related to the sin nature.

A future tense dream/vision, it may have already come to past, or is happening.

Dream/vision that may be about yourself, a fear, goal, or the like.

Local Church:
Dream/vision in regards to your local church or congregation.

Group/Place/Larger Picture:
This could be a dream/vision related to a city, state, nation, etc.

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