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Dreams are a naturally occurring event for most people, but every now and then there is that one that you may not be able to shake, it may seem like a story, a lesson, or a foreshadow of what is to come, it may be a dream sent directly from Heaven.  The intention of this website is to hopefully with time bring valuable information to its readers to help understand the dreams and visions that God still gives to His people this modern day in time as much as he did even the old testament prophets.

As the author of this site have uploaded all my dreams that God gave me both as a young teenager to now as a grown adult.  I hope that as this site is found, more Christians will send me their dreams to be added.  Imagine what we could learn from one another if we could share our experiences.

You will not find a fee anywhere on this site for anyone to interpret your dream, when dreams and visions are given by God, He will in time give you the meaning of what you saw and experienced.  You will find this to be true as I will explain each one of my own personal dreams merely based on what happened over time.  

Also, if a dream is from God, it can be substantiated in the scriptures, be it by symbolism or direct meaning.  If you want to know  what God is trying to tell you, then reference His dream interpretation book first:  Holy Bible.  We condensed the many dreams and visions of the bible on our Scriptures page.  You will find all the wisdom and knowledge you will need when seeking the meanings of the scriptures.  It also does helps to talk among fellow believers and pastors that support biblical principles of dreams and visions.  

If you have had a dream, vision, or an experience of the supernatural nature and would like to submit it to be posted on this site for all to read, please do so by using the form on the contact page.  Keep in mind all submitted information is human read, edited for grammar, and then posted after your approval, so it may take some time depending on detail of the content.

What does it mean to be a Christian?
It is really as simple as ABC’s.

A:  Admit you are a sinner (not perfect in the presence of the Lord)

B:  Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He died on the Cross for you, arose on the third day from the grave, and is coming again.

C:  Confess your sins to God, and ask Him to forgive you.  This is what salvation is all about.  Once you have done this, find a local bible believing church to grow your new faith in.  

Prayer of Repentance (asking God to forgive you.)  Lord, I admit that my life has not been perfectly clean before you eyes, and today I confess Jesus Christ as your Son, who died for me, came back to life on the third day, and is coming again.  I confess, this day that  I need you, I need you to make me clean before your eyes.  Save me, forgive me, help me to start a new journey in your light. Thank you,  Amen.

By saying the prayer above, gives you right to be with God in Heaven after you pass from this Earth, but until then, while your passing through, He will be with you always.  God is awesome, and has many plans for you, He has been waiting to show you what he has in store for you.  Why not try and see that He is good?

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